Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Jumble of Thoughts...

I took my troubles to the LORD; I cried out to him, and he answered my prayer. -Psalm 120:1 (NLT)

I honestly don't feel worthy of writing this blog this morning. My heart aches over the fact that God continues to give me great things to say but I can't seem to follow through with the words coming through my own fingers.

I know that it is absolutely impossible to be "good enough" on my own and yet, I continue to aim for that goal. And it's an unachievable goal! Why do I do this? It only frustrates me and makes me a worse friend, mother, daughter, wife, sister, and any other label you can think of.

So I'm going back to these simple, wonderful words from the Psalms. I am again handing over all of my troubles because as much as I WANT to trust God with all of them, I keep taking them back and going over and over them! I need to leave them in HIS capable hands!

And one of those troubles is my sweet Gwen. I handed her over on Valentine's Day and took her back almost right away. There are no good excuses for that one. I did it and I admit it. Period.

My husband pointed something out to me AGAIN last night. God used Gwen in an amazing way while she was here with us. She was loved as much as humanly possible while she was here. And now, she is whole and perfect and happy in heaven with God. She is in the best possible place right now and will never have to experience the heartache of a life here on earth (and I don't care how perfect your life is, we all experience heartache along the line!).

So, as much as I miss her and wish I'd gotten more time with her, she IS in a better place and I WILL get to see her again!

Here's my challenge for you AND me this morning: Think about which troubles you're hanging onto in your own life...and then hand them back to God! I know I'm going to be doing that again this morning!

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  1. You are the one that God nudged to write this blog... he chose you to do it. How could you not be "worthy" of it? Sometimes it is challenging to keep our own "self" out of the way and all of the things it tells us about our "unworthiness" and other made up stories. We all face this challenge. You are doing great work! Keep it up! Thank you for yet again another good challenge!