Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand. -Philippians 2:4 (MSG)

This verse reminds me of what my family has been working on most of the summer.  On vacation this year, we learned about the acronym "JOY." 


Initially, we were using it in choosing our words.  Was what we were about to say honoring to Jesus? To others? To ourselves? If the answer was no, it was better to keep our lips zipped. Shaun and I felt it was a great tool for our kids especially, as they've gotten into this habit of saying whatever comes to mind which often leads to hurt feelings and embarrassing moments.

But we soon realized that JOY could be applied to every aspect of our lives. Some examples (not necessarily from our own life):

1. Would skipping church to sleep in show JOY? The answer? No.
2. Would serving in women's ministries be showing JOY? The answer? Yes.
3. Would bringing a meal to a new mama be showing JOY? The answer? Yes.
4. Would calling one's brother a "stinker" be showing JOY? The answer? No.

I think you all get the idea at this point. Our family is far from perfect at this but we are striving to do it daily.  

And this is my challenge for you and me this morning: Ask yourself throughout the day, "am I showing JOY right now?"

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