Monday, June 4, 2012

He Even Answers the Little Prayers!

You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, O God our savior. You are the hope of everyone on earth, even those who sail on distant seas. -Psalm 65:5 (NLT)

This was too good NOT to share.  I'm writing this on Sunday night, after an awesome sermon at church listening to a speaker from the leadership Summit from years past.  He spoke about being vulnerable and about how a good leader can and will be that. It was awesome and I felt inspired to be more vulnerable in my own life again-something I haven't wanted to do in a long time, not since everything went crazy a few months ago.

But I digress...

This post isn't about that sermon.  It's about what happened this afternoon when Shaun and I took the kids to Hersheypark.  Lukas has been on the edge of moving up to Twizzler for a month now.  He was oh so close, it was ridiculous!  But today, he made it!  And you know what that means, right? Rollercoasters!

We headed straight back to the Great Bear-by far my favorite coaster in the park- and got in line.  Andrew, Lukas, and I waited in a very short line as the storm clouds rolled in.  He was so excited to finally be able to ride.  I was concerned about the clouds.  If there was even one flash, one clap of thunder, his dream might not come true today and I just couldn't bear to see him disappointed.

Please, God, just hold off the storm until we get to ride this ride.  It would make Lukas so happy.

It wasn't a big prayer, but it was a genuine prayed in honest love.  And you know what?  We were the last train to go through before the storm started. Yay God! 

I love looking back on that moment and realizing that, while riding a roller coaster was not even close to important, God knew it was important to me and it was important to my baby.  And he answered.  He didn't have to.  He did it, in my opinion, to remind ME that he is listening, that he loves me, and that he wants us to feel loved by Him. :)

I told Shaun as soon as we got off the ride (he had to wait with the tiny people at the end of the ride) and we walked toward the back of the park with silent prayers that the rain would stop, that they would reopen the rides so Lukas could ride others.  And again, God came through.   The rain stopped and Lukas got to ride not one, but two more coasters.  He went on the Storm Runner and Fahrenheit.

While he was in line for Fahrenheit, however, the clouds were moving in again.  And again, I begged God to let him on the ride.  And true to form, he came through!  Lukas got on that coaster just before the sky opened up and rained down on us.

So, here's my challenge for you and me today: Ask God to help you out with the little things today and watch him go to work in amazing ways! He's listening and he longs to show you his love! Let him!!

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